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Coors & Co


Coors and Company has been a brick and mortar store since the 90's. Featured at the end of the Golden Coors Brewery Tour, it showcases a variety of merchandise from the Coors brand family. The company itself experienced a tremendous growth in the early 2000's which led to the creation of a webstore in 2003. It was previously hosted at www.coorsandco.com but has since shutdown after the MillerCoors merger.

The webstore had not been updated for over a decade. Being built strictly off of tables and lacking modern functionality, it was time for a redesign. Through several rounds of legal approval and team meetings, I designed the following site to access the needs of our target demographic. Below is the old/current design:

Coors & Co Redesign


The project began by researching a few things regarding our target audience, geo-locating our best customer base, technology restrictions, social media presence, external marketing, as well as strict legal restrictions.

Coors and Company's largest customer demographic consists of 35+ males and females alike. Because of that, I used bold, image heavy assets on the homepage as well as the main landing pages for each brand. Being an eCommerce website, large text with minimal contant was a key component to keep potential customers engaged.

Target Demographic: Homeowner, 55% male/45% female, 35-55 in age, 15-20% smartphone/tablet, IE9 and Chrome are primary browsers.



Using Balsamiq, I mapped out the information architecture and created a sitemap to begin visually showing the design of the site.



The site consisted of two primary navigation menus. With the amount of beers brands in the Coors family, it was essential to make feature brands a prominent category. I decided to go with a hover dropdown for each category. I also highlighted a keyword and brand filtered search box in the top nav for quick viewing.

Advanced Search


Using more features involved with Balsamiq, I gathere together the initial plans for the Coors and Co. site. These were the first full comps presented but testing showed the header did not contain enough of the essential links and the infinite scrolling feature to not be necissary with the amount of SKUs Coors has. Pagination was the preferred display setting. The backend vendor also didn't (at the time) have the capability to display customer reviews on the PDPs (product description pages) sothat was also removed.



Product Description Page


At A Glance

The final product turned out well for the guidelines provided and target market. Having a robust left nav was key in giving a database with so many different variables the ability to easily navigate to the desired products. Shown below is what a the age verification splash page, brand landing page with featured products and promo bar, product oage template, and lastly the PDP page.

Age Gate

Brand Landing Page

Landing Page

List Page