2021 Designs Brandon Ramlet

Brandon Ramlet

About Product Designer with over
10 years of design experience.

I'm a Product Designer, Digital Creative Strategist, Visual Storyteller, and a UI/UX Expert, with 10+ years of leadership experience in diverse industries—from beverage and alcohol, to apparel, footwear and retail, to financial, energy and tourism, and most recently gaming. My expertise: problem solving, design thinking, user interaction, data-driven design, brand consistency, and implementing end-to-end design systems.

Portfolio Web Design Elements
available on my Behance profile.


Product Design Nexon

Redesigned the checkout system for Nexon games which processes 65+ million dollars in revenue annually from 10+ million global users.


UI/UX Design eBags

Lead on UX improvements and front-end design across all global navigation touchpoints for all device types.


UX Critique DORA

User journey critique for the Colorado Dept. of Revenue to identify pain points and suggest improvements to their licensing renewal system.

Coors & Co

UX | Web Design Coors & Co

Coors & Co website redesign concept.

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